Behind The Snowman Trek: The world’s toughest trail run

How the world’s toughest trekking trail run turned Bhutan into a running Mecca.
Timothy Olson ascends an icy pass in The Snowman Trek. Photo: BEN CLARK



22 Mar '20 | 3:00pm


22 Mar '20 | 3:45pm

Ben Clark’s team speed record on the world’s toughest trekking trail turned Bhutan into a running Mecca. In 2016 Anna Frost, Ben Clark, Timothy Olson and guide Wang Chuk set out to initiate a speed record on the world's hardest trek-The Snowman Trek in Bhutan. In a little over two weeks, the entire expedition team of 11 succeeded and Clark directed a feature length film with the footage he captured. After a widespread release in theaters in the United States, The Snowman Trek went on to become an iTUNES bestseller for a year and a half. More importantly, the struggle the team endured and the outcome Clark hoped his pioneering efforts would create became evident when in fall 2019 Bhutanese locals reran the course with government support to reclaim the record, adopting high altitude ultra marathon distance expedition trail running as a sport. In 2020, the same course the locals ran is open to international compeitiion to call attention to climate change and the wonderful beauty captured in Clark's film, The Snowman Trek. For both fans and critics of the film, Clark will explain the journey of how in 4 short years a piece of media can inform, impact and inspire.
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