Fully charged: a low carbon adventure

An electric campervan turns a journey into a whole new adventure



21 Mar '20 | 12:30pm


21 Mar '20 | 1:15pm

On a mission to get from the UK to Spain with a lower carbon impact, an electric campervan turns the journey into an exciting adventure.  The future of travel is electric, and it is good. Glyn Hudson, Amy Underwood Thompson and their dog have just returned from an epic 3,400 mile round trip to Spain in their electric campervan. The age of electric has arrived! Glyn is paying a special visit to ShAFF to show you behind the scenes. Read about their journey, then come and geek out for yourself! If you want to get together with your tribe and re-shape the world for the better, or if you enjoy adventures with a lighter footprint, check out our Acts of Rebellion festival itinerary.