Learn to love your inner tube with A Different gear

Repair and reuse your inner tubes - it's a quiet act of rebellion for a better world



22 Mar '20 | 11:30am


22 Mar '20 | 12:15pm

Even if you're riding tubeless it's always prudent to carry a spare inner tube with you just in case. But once your inner tube becomes punctured, what do you do with it? 

Did you know that an inner tube repaired with a vulcanising patch kit is just as good as a new tube and can be used again or kept as a spare? Rubber production is not a very environmentally-friendly process, so repairing and reusing your punctured tubes makes environmental sense as well as saving you a few quid. 

So the next time you get a flat, stick your old inner tube in your back pocket and take it home to fix. If you're not sure how, come along to A Different Gear's inner tube repair workshop at ShAFF's Repair Cafe and their mechanics will show you.