Long-distance, low-carbon: planning a wild hillwalking adventure with the BMC’s Alex Roddie

Join the BMC's Lynn Robinson and TGO writer Alex Roddie to pick up tips for your next multi-day hillwalking trip
Alex Roddie



20 Mar '20 | 8:15pm


20 Mar '20 | 9:00pm

A lifelong hillwalker, Alex Roddie first started doing big multi-day walks partly because he has never owned a car – and planning a trip around public transport is a lot easier if you aren't limited to a single day. He soon came to appreciate that long-distance backpacking is one of the best ways to enjoy the mountains. Spending multiple days in wild places helps you to disconnect from the cares of everyday life and notice more about the environment. Alex will discuss lightweight backpacking, gear, tips and tricks, getting the experience necessary for those ambitious routes, and how his appreciation for wildness has changed as he's become more aware of its fragility. He'll be joined by the BMC's Lynn Robinson, who hiked the TGO Challenge across Scotland in 2019. If you're curious to learn what it's like to hike the Cape Wrath Trail in winter, or how Alex is planning his TGO Challenge this year, please come along!