Decathlon - Second Life Event (Sunday)

Help us reduce our environmental impact and give some products a second life!



22 Mar '20 | 10:30am


22 Mar '20 | 4:30pm

Decathlon Sheffield is on a mission to give its products a second life, and it's your chance to pick up a bargain, with up to 50% off a range of outdoor gear. It's one of the first events of its kind that Decathlon has run in the UK, and has been designed to reduce the number of their products that end up in landfill. All Second Life products have been pre-owned and pre-used - they may have a minor defect, but are perfectly usable. But remember... when its gone, its gone! A range of smaller second life products will be on offer outside the ShAFF Outpost (the Workstation) on both Saturday and Sunday - whilst a range of larger items like bikes and tents will be available to view down at their Sheffield store, just a five minute walk away from the Showroom. You can also bring your own gear to sell, and browse the ShAFF community's own preloved kit, at the Scavenger Preloved Kit Sale on Saturday and Sunday - right next door to the Decathlon Second Life Sale. Two great ways to save a few adventure pennies, give adventure gear a new life, and cut down on the new stuff we're all tempted to buy - all in one go. No need to book a ticket - you can find the Second Life Sale outside the festival Outpost at the Workstation. If you want to get together with your tribe and re-shape the world for the better, or if you enjoy adventures with a lighter footprint, check out our Acts of Rebellion festival itinerary.