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listen to our DJ curated ShAFF film soundtrack playlist
© Jake Thompson

We've once again appointed our music judge - Paul Hodgson from Sheffield ukgarage and dubstep producer Grievous Angel - who will be awarding a prize for the film with the best soundtrack. While watching the films he has curated a playlist of the best music tracks from the entire programme and turned them into DJ mixes.

We'll collect as many as we can each year and compile a playlist, but come and listen in the Showroom bar over the festival weekend with a pint. The bar is open to the public all weekend and there's free Wifi.

2021 Playlist (Spotify)

2020 Playlist (Spotify)

2019 Playlist (MP3)

2018 Playlist (Spotify)

2017 Playlist (MP3)

2016 Playlist (MP3)

2015 Playlist (MP3)