Agus 'AJ' Guardiola - ClimbOut Festival

UK's First Queer Climbing Festival
AJ is seen smiling holding a cut out rainbow-coloured frame on their head with the word "ClimbOut" on



16 Mar '24 | 2:30pm


16 Mar '24 | 3:15pm

Agus (AJ) Guardiola (they/them) is one of the co-founders of ClimbOut and the current chair of the BMC North West area. They grew up in sunny Valencia, and after being introduced to sport climbing in Costa Blanca they got the bug. After moving to Manchester they discovered and fell in love with trad climbing, especially adventurous multi-pitch mountain routes and sea-cliff climbs.They are a passionate advocate for building community by diversifying the mountains and bringing queer joy to outdoor climbing.
AJ will be talking about what ClimbOut festival is, how the idea came about, why it's important to have affinity groups and inclusive spaces in the outdoors, and what's coming for 2024 and onwards.