We work incredibly hard at ShAFF to make sure that we have the best selection of adventure films we possibly can.

We announce the winners ahead of the festival to allow the audience to make sure they see the best films of the year and decide whether they agree with our judges.

You can see which films won awards in previous years in our archive.

Best Film

Our Grand Prize

Best Acts Of Rebellion Film

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Best Activism Film

Best Artistic Film

Best Artistic Film

Best Bike Film

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Best Bike Film

Best Climbing Film

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Best Climb Film

Best Made in Sheffield Film

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First awarded in 2015 to reflect the increasing quality and quantity of films being made in and around Sheffield and/or featuring local athletes.

Best Running Film

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Best Running Film

Best Short Film

Best Short Film

Best Ski & Board Film

Best Ski & Board Film

Best Soundtrack

A new award created in 2015, judged by Sheffield DJ and producer Paul Hodgson, aka Grievous Angel.

Best Spirit of Adventure Film

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Best Spirit Of Adventure Film

Best Women In Adventure Film

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Created in 2015 to reflect our drive to encourage more female producers, directors and featured athletes on the big screen.

Judges Special Mention

Every year at ShAFF the judges meet to decide on the top three films in each of our prize categories, but invariably there are a handful of films that come up time and time again in discussion, but don't make it onto the podium. These are those films.

People's Choice Award

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Launched at ShAFF 2015, powered by BoomBeam, our interactive, live voting system allows the audience to have their say on which films they loved the most.


SHERPA, tells the harrowing story of how Mount Everest’s Sherpa community united in grief and anger to reclaim the mountain following the deadly avalanche that struck on April 18, 2014, killing 16 of their members. Through the voices of the guides themselves, their families, and the climbers who were preparing to summit when the disaster struck, SHERPA chronicles a historic moment of tragedy and resistance in which the Sherpas and their families consider the future of Everest climbing and whether anything could justify the dangers they face.

© Austin Siadak

A Line Across The Sky

The Fitz Roy Traverse is one of the most sought after achievements in modern alpinism: a gnarly journey across seven jagged summits and 13,000 vertical feet of climbing. Who knew it could be so much fun? Join Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold on the inspiring -- and at times hilarious -- quest that earned the Piolet d’Or award.

Kayaking the Aleutians

No-one has succeeded in kayaking the length of the remote and stormy Aleutian Islands which stretch from Russia to Alaska. Explorers Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen set out to paddle 2,500km along the archipelago to the nearest road confronting more than 20 long crossings which separate the tiny unpopulated islands. Sarah faces an even more formidable challenge as this is part of her round-the-world human powered journey and she has limited kayaking experience. Alone for 101 days in one of the windiest, roughest places on earth, these two women are swept away from land by unknown currents, pounded by rough seas and approached by bears. Experiencing an edge-of-your-seat journey, they gain a rare insight into themselves, the rich wildlife and the lives of the few people who live in this harsh yet beautiful landscape.