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The Honour Of Being Human audio story specially created for ShAFF
Photo: Paul Deakin


ShAFF co directors Matt Heason and Anna Paxton have been underground to work on a very special project. Covering the attempt to rescue young caver Neil Moss from Peak Cavern, Castleton in 1959, The Honour Of Being Human brings to life one of the most significant events in UK caving history. Taken from an article written by George Cooper which was originally published in Descent magazine in 1984, then featured in High magazine's 100th edition in 1991, the story left such an impression on ShAFF founder Matt that when the team started planning a new caving-themed event he just had to dig it out and bring it back to light.

As part of the process, Matt and Anna delved deep into a cave near Winnat's Pass in the Peak District to capture the underground sounds which form the soundtrack of an audio-visual story designed to be seen and heard in the unique environment of Sheffield Cathedral's Crypt. The original article has been abridged, narrated and recorded by Anna, and audiences experienced it at ShAFF's Spirit of Adventure event at Sheffield Cathedral in September 2022, where it played using 'silent disco' headphones with images projected onto the walls of the Crypt. The images including a selection taken by the late Paul Deakin, that capture the camaraderie, culture and equipment of caving in the '70s in intimate detail

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