Open Water

Through open water swimming, middle-aged mom Nikki Pope has uncovered her long-hidden inner strength and now seeks to inspire children with various disabilities
Nikki laying in the lake of the Lake District in the UK
Open Water - “It seems to celebrate strength that most sports doesn’t even capture”


Running time

24 minutes

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Nikki never envisioned herself as a successful athlete. She lacked athleticism and didn't fit the conventional mold of what society considers an athlete to be. However, this did not stop her from excelling in the sport of "Open Water Swimming". Through her challenging feats of swimming in open waters under extreme conditions, such as icy lakes and immense ocean straits, she discovered the incredible strength and resilience of her mind and body. Her experiences taught her that she possesses hidden talents she never thought of. Motivated by this belief, she now shares her expertise and passion for the sport with children of diverse abilities, training and guiding them to cross the English Channel as a relay team. In doing so, she inspires them to tap into their own hidden potential and discover their inner strength.