The Trailer Has Landed!

The ShAFF 2022 Trailer Has Landed!



Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has released the 2022 trailer, giving a first look at this year’s films. Created using a montage of images from this year’s festival films, the trailer is made by Hannah Maia, Director of Maia Media. Now a multi-award winning filmmaker Hannah first entered her films into ShAFF in 2010, winning a prize for new and up-and-coming filmmakers.

Hannah Maia says, “I’m proud to be a judge at this years festival. I’m amazed at how busy and creative people have been over the last year or two despite limited international travel. It feels like there are less big expedition stories but in its place are some really creative interpretations. Perhaps more people have been able to pursue their passion projects - either way SHAFF 2022 has got something or everyone!”

WATCH online at the ShAFF YouTube channel.

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Featured films (in order of appearance): Stormskater, A White Dream, One Step Ahead, Ice Ball, Grace, Homelines, Inside, Switzerland Paradise, The Long Today, Bantu Wax, Like a River, Flow, The Ultimate Run, Dear Pippa, Em, Motherload, Bike 2 Boat Alps, The Mystery, Joe Buffalo, The Process, MAMILS, 87 Days, Eden, A Woman’s Place, Touching the Water, Climate Games.

Music W O M A N from Lady Bri

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