Don Catchment Rivers Trust

Working to protect and restore your rivers


Our ambition is to celebrate and improve the natural, cultural and industrial heritage of the rivers in the Don Catchment - the Don, Dearne, Rother and their many tributaries. Our volunteers have been working to help restore and protect these rivers, improving them for both nature and people. DCRT have been supporting the return of salmon to the River Don by reconnecting isolated river habitats, for example by installing fish passes on weirs which allow fish to migrate freely up the river. So far, we’ve built fish passage solutions on 5 weirs in the centre of Sheffield: Brightside weir, Norfolk Bridge, Lady’s Bridge, Kelham Island and Steelbank. The outcome will be the return of salmon to Sheffield for the first time in 200 years. DCRT have recently been awarded National Lottery Heritage Funding to re-wild a straightened section of the river rother, putting the river back into its original meandering channel and restoring the wide range of habitats required to sustain a wildlife rich river.