FINDRA Clothing

Scottish Outdoor Clothing


Wherever you live, whatever your level of fitness, there’s a whole world outside just waiting to be discovered. FINDRA is a clothing company built on passion and an understanding of what people really want from outdoor and active lifestyle clothing.
Envisioned and founded by Scottish Fashion designer Alex Feechan, FINDRA was born in the small textile village of Innerleithen in the stunning Tweed Valley and holds its Scottish heritage close.
Cycling her beloved bike around the trails and passes of the Scottish Borders has long been one of Alex’s passions. Tracking down the right outdoor clothing to wear however when enjoying the outdoors was more difficult.
Having searched extensively for clothing that was high performance, comfortable and looked good, she found that there was very little available for women like her. ‘No-one was making outdoor clothing for women that was functional fitted well and also attractive and comfortable’.
Alex realised she was perfectly placed to fill this gap in the market, utilising more than 20 years experience at the sharp end of the fashion industry, a 1st class honours degree in Industrial Design and Textiles and an MA in Fashion from the prestigious Royal College of Art, she knew she could do better.
FINDRA was launched to market in December 2014 after a short development stage where Alex tested the market and learnt as much as she could about her future customers. With the support of her family and investors, she was able to take the plunge and fully commit herself to FINDRA.
With the business growing and the awards rolling in for the innovative clothing, the team started to grow and it was only a matter of time until the first retail outlet was opened. The Innerleithen ‘Design Hub’ allows customers to see the product first hand, and for the team to meet the customers and hear their feedback. With talks and events organised monthly, the FINDRA design hub has established its-self as a vibrant and friendly place to be. Building a community of like-minded supportive individuals with a shared passion to enjoy the great outdoors.
In 2018, FINDRA decided to take a big step and introduce a menswear range to the collection. The ‘Designed by Demand’ collection brings the classic FINDRA style to menswear while remaining true to the brand's design roots, providing comfortable, good-looking and high-performance clothing for active people.