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Antoine FRIOUX


The North Face, Scott Skis

Running time

33 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Gloriously well made skiing and snowboarding Adrenalin movie. Deeply enjoyable with great music and superb photography, even if it is saturated with testosterone and suffused with male ego. This is the way to do bro-adventure films.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Oh Wow mountains oh and skiing. oh and more mountains and wow more skiing.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Chamonix is one of the most prestigious place for mountaineers in the world, its history is full of stories of conquests and failures. Now these dramatic mountains lure more and more skiers and snowboarders to ride her steep, unforgiving faces and it is in Chamonix that we will discover the adventures and evolution of Victor de Le Rue. This young professional snowboarder coming from the pyrenees has ridden the four corners of the world, But a place on earth inspires him more particularly than the others: CHAMONIX. It is being together with his old friend Pierre Hourticq, mountain guide that Victor will try to write a new story in the iconic mountains of the Mont Blanc Massif, riding extreme slopes of more than 45° that also have extreme consequences. Frozen Mind is not just a lm based on snowboard/ski performance. It is above all a story of friendship and a journey of discovery as the two men take unique paths in order to conquer the same objectives.