3 Amateur climbers attempting to climb the biggest rock face in Africa


Running time

49 minutes

Country / Nationality

South Africa

Our Judges say:

You are going to Love it or hate this but your definitely going to be talking about it.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

One of the strangest climbing adventures I’ve ever seen. A group of guys take on a gear popping, route finding, benighted choss-fest of a challenge - will they still be friends at the end? Find out as they’ll be here at the festival to celebrate their UK premiere!

Anna Paxton

A seemingly eccentric idea cooked up by producer Terry Walsh. The Mulanje Massif??? Who's ever even heard of it? It's not exactly a classic of the climbing world, you won't find it on the bucket list of many climbers and theres good reason for that. It's big, a mile high in fact. It's remote, located right in the bottom corner of Malawi. It's