Tips For Epic Bikepacking Adventures

Film screening and talk from cycle-touring couple Helen and Sam, with advice on how to enjoy a successful long-term cycling adventure.
Filmmakers and event speakers Helen and Sam, mid-adventure in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains



24 Mar '19 | 5:30pm


24 Mar '19 | 6:30pm

In September 2017, Helen and Sam decided that their lives needed more adventure, and set off on an eleven-month cycle tour around Europe. They spent very little money, removed most luxuries and comforts from their lives, and made cycling their entertainment, purpose, and means of transportation for almost a year. They did not quite make it around their intended circuit of Europe, as they were convinced along the way to take a long detour in Morocco. It was the best year of their lives, and they would like to share with you why. Starting with a short film of their adventures (Slow Motion: A Year by Bike, 24 mins), the event will also include a presentation and Q&A. The motivation for this event is to enthuse those of you who are considering a long-distance, long-term bicycle tour, to plant that seed in minds where it has not yet germinated, and to convince you that it is within reach of most people to live this particular dream. Bicycle travel is immensely fun, cheap and environmentally friendly. The adventure is scalable, and all that is needed is a bicycle and the decision to go for it. Whether you set your sights on a circumnavigation or a weekend camping trip, the advice Helen and Sam will offer in this session will help you to ensure success and a maximally rewarding experience. At the very least you can live vicariously through the retelling of their own adventures. The film, Slow Motion: A Year by Bike, is a portrait of a particular lifestyle. Living as nomads, using their own muscles and a simple machine designed to harness their power more efficiently (the bicycle) our two protagonists cover around 12000 km around Europe and Morocco, absorbing beauty, adventure and their fair share of hardship on the way. Freedom and companionship, along with the challenges faced together, bring Helen and Sam to places, situations and people that have changed their lives for the better. These are charmingly depicted in a film that pays homage to slow movement, optimism and living simply. Unlike some of the films you will see at ShAFF this year, the adventures and dreams depicted are achievable for most people, if they just decide to take the plunge. Do it.