Three of the UK's best freerunners explore a bay of abandoned hotels in Croatia.



Robin Gray, Scott Bass


Bradley Shenton


Jaydn Clark, Robbie Griffith, Alfie Green



Running time

4 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Excellent high octane parkour movie with classy EDM soundtrack

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Stunning location, big tricks, cool music. Everything you want from a freerunning film, feast your eyes for four minutes.

Anna Paxton

If you're not seen it, go hard with the big scrren. Huge tricks, huge track 🌪️

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

We travelled to Croatia to film parkour on the rooftops of five abandoned hotels. Using slow motion cameras, we captured three of the UK’s best freerunners reclaiming the space through movement. The hotels were bombarded during the Croatian War for Independence, and you can still see the impact hits on the walls there. They have since been abandoned for twenty years. Kupari is set to be demolished and rebuilt in 2019, so the vacancy might not be for much longer. - Credits - Directed by Scott Bass & Robin Gray Shot by Josh Bamber & Scott Bass Movement by Jaydn Clark, Alfie Green & Robbie Griffith Edit & Grade by Robin Gray Produced by Bradley Shenton Special thanks to Worm