Behind the scenes of the Ala Archa Expedition: from Sheffield to Kyrgyzstan!

Five Sheffield students take on a 31-day glacial research expedition to the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan. At ShAFF 2020 they will be sharing the story of their journey.
The team from left to right: Louise, Alex, Sam, Calum & Tom



20 Mar '20 | 7:00pm


20 Mar '20 | 7:45pm

In the summer of 2018, five Sheffield undergraduate students completed a month-long research expedition to the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan. 

Following more than a year of meticulous planning, the team had turned a somewhat far-out idea into an extremely far-out reality. Travelling to northern Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, their aim was to investigate the effect climate changes are having on some of the world's fastest-melting glaciers. 

The team spent 31-days camping in a remote valley, collecting data on and around glaciers at altitudes over 3500m, climbing, hiking and generally experiencing a totally wild environment.

On Friday night, the team will be delivering a 45-minute talk to tell the story of the trip, discuss their findings and answer your burning questions. 

The full expedition film (29 mins) is showing as part of our Made in Sheffield screening. Check out the trailer for the film 

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