The Mountain People


Over four decades have passed since the accomplished alpinist Rab Carrington crafted the first sleeping bag to bear his name, and since those early days when feathers clouded his humble attic factory like snow, Rab has become the first choice for mountain people adventuring in the world’s most hostile environments.
Ceaseless in their commitment to their founder’s exacting standards, ingenuity, and pioneering spirit, they create rugged, high-performance gear that gives you absolute protection, comfort, and freedom in the mountains. They use cutting-edge materials as well as time-tested ones such as premium quality European down. Nothing fancy or over-engineered. Just honest, hard-working kit that you’d rather repair than replace.
Rab’s team is made up of passionate climbers, hikers, runners, skiers, and cyclists who see the effects of climate change on their mountain playground. That’s why they’re on a journey to Net Zero, striving to reduce the impact of their business on the environment and protect the wildernesses they love to explore.