ShED Talk

Dr Melanie Windridge - Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights

a journey through Scandinavia, Canada and Svalbard that culminates with a solar eclipse



12 Mar '16 | 2:45pm


12 Mar '16 | 3:00pm

Do we really understand the aurora? Speaking about her new book and picking elements of a journey that took her through Scandinavia, Canada and Svalbard – culminating in a spectacular solar eclipse – Melanie dips into the Northern Lights.

Dr Melanie Windridge is a plasma physicist, lecturer, writer… with a taste for adventure. She has a PhD in fusion energy and is Business Development Manager for fusion start-up Tokamak Energy. She also works in education with the Ogden Trust, Anturus and Your Life. Melanie loves the mountains and believes science and exploration go hand in hand. Watch her film in the BMC Women in Adventure session.