SteepEdge Films

UK's online adventure film channel


The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival's official download partner SteepEdge Films feature the latest festival award-winners alongside cult classics. SteepEdge's hand- picked collection of the very best adventure, travel and mountain films from around the world celebrates critically acclaimed, established filmmakers as well as promoting up and coming talent.

About SteepEdge

‘Where can we buy all those great films we saw at the festival?’

The idea of SteepEdge was born at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival to showcase adventure sports films and make them available 24/7 to a worldwide outdoor community.

The increasing number of film festivals and tours has created an audience whose appetite is fuelling the rapid growth of the multi-billion pound, global outdoor recreation market.

At the same time YouTube, Vimeo and the ease of access to filming technology means there has been an explosion in the number of films available.

SteepEdge offers the audience great value, convenience, the guarantee of a genuine copy of a great viewing experience and the knowledge they are supporting filmmakers and adventurers. In turn we offer filmmakers a sustainable profit share that allows us to provide flexible distribution, specialist marketing support with no upfront costs and no demands for exclusivity.