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Ellie Fuller: Scottish Mountaineering for poor, hungry beginners.

discover the undeniable lure of Scottish winter climbing on a shoe string



12 Mar '16 | 2:15pm


12 Mar '16 | 2:30pm

Ellie Fuller is climber, writer and student based in Leicester. She loves all types of climbing, and is always up for the next adventure, be that grit cracks, Italian big-walling, or Scottish winter. When not out on the rock, she works as a climbing instructor and coach and loves to write about climbing and adventure.

The mountains, the cold, the snow, the raw sense of adventure… Scottish winter climbing holds an extraordinary and undeniable lure. Yet for many, lack of experience and knowledge makes it daunting and dangerous, while the costly affair that it can easily become presents another barrier.

As an average climber with no previous winter experience and a student with no cash, Ellie suggests it is entirely possible to get out there as a ‘punter on a shoe-string.’ Hopefully this will give more people the psych and the know-how to safely get out there into the snowy mountains for a real adventure!