BMCTV Filmmaker Fiesta

Industry Event for Adventure Filmmakers



18 Mar '17 | 10:00am


18 Mar '17 | 2:30pm

A mix of networking, panel discussions and talks by filmmakers.
The outline of the program is:

1000 -1030 Coffee and Networking
1030- 1200 Panel Discussion 'Making it Work' - Making a living as a Filmmaker

Paul Diffley will chair a discussion on the various and ever changing ways of making a living in the field of adventure film. The panel will also discuss methods of funding your next film, including working with brands, and crowdfunding. The panel will include filmmaker Jen Randall who recently raised £18,600 on kickstarter to fund her latest film, Adrian Samarra the founder of Coldhouse Collective and Simon Tucker a television executive with over 25 years broadcast production experience.

1200 - 1300 Break / Networking
1300 - 1430 'How I Made' - Stories from the other side of the lens
Filmmakers give a short presentation describing how their film (which is playing at the festival) was produced. With behind the scenes stories and filmmaking secrets, these informal sessions are not to be missed.

1300 How I Made: BBC Winners Series by Elise Wicker
1330 How I Made: Run Forever by Nick Brown
1400 How I Made: A Caving Film (FAIL) by Paul Diffley

1430 Close

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