Watch the ShAFF 2016 Trailer

Watch the 2016 trailer produced by Ed Birch of Sheffield based Salt Street Productions.


Filmed and Directed by Ed Birch (SALT-STREET Productions) with original concept from Executive Producer Lukasz Warzecha (Polished Project) for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2016.

Music via Sheffield WM Sync With thanks to Niall Grimes.

Featuring: UnREAL, Balance, Balloonskiing, Snowflake, Ishtar x Tussilago, Rad Company, 3022ft, Unbranded, Homefree, Women's Speed Record,The Forest, Operation Moffatt, Frank and the Tower, This is Drop and Rock, Kayaking the Aleutians, Showdown at Horseshoe Hell, High and Mighty, Denali, Degrees North, Master of Slack, Freefall, Paradise Waits, Quattro, A Morning Over the Clouds, The Mysteries, The Shadow Campaign.

The 2017 ShAFF Trailer will launch on Feb 1 2017.