A Mile an Hour

A different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour for 24hrs around a perfectly mile long block.



Beau Miles


Beau Miles and Mitch Drummond


Beau Miles

Running time

17 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Amazing stream of consciousness busyness exploring what potential a day can hold. “Half your day should be like this, all of the time” Watch this film. Then go do it!

Anna Paxton

A festival must watch and then re watch. Such a cool film and idea. Like the grate man saidnif your not eating and your not making a baby what's the point of life???

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

What an awesome idea. Pretty sure anyone watching this will want to follow in Beau's footsteps. A very fun watch.

Elise Wicker

Bizarre, immensely entertaining and characterful movie about someone who runs a mile every hour for 24 hours...while doing DIY and household tasks. Odd but hugely watchable. Of course you can do this if you have a huge barn as a playroom, a whole other house for the family, and a big plot of rural land to run around, so lots of unreflected privilege here... but till one of the best movies at SHAFF this year

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Dizzyingly hyper-productive and positive. This down-to-earth documentary is a light-hearted invitation daring you to make the most of your day.

Ruth Farrar

I actually found this quite effecting.... And if anyone can make a baby in four minutes after running a marathon on 24 hours.

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

Packing on the pounds after writing a PhD, Beau’s running again. He’s also back in the shed; fixing stuff, making things, tinkering. For most of us, running was once a form of survival, hunting- or being hunted. Now, it can be as meaningful, or meaningless, than any other aspect of life. Running for Beau is practical- it gets him places, yet like a lot of runners, it's deeply embodied. He defines himself by where his feet take him, thinking about his other forms of life as he runs. Combining a need to get rid of the gut, to run again, and spend some quality time in the shed, Beau will run a mile an hour around his perfectly mile-long block. In between he’ll do as much as possible, likely becoming the fullest, meaningful, most trivial day of Beau’s life.