All Is Lost with live soundtrack by Animat

Premiere performance of Animat's new live soundtrack to one of Robert Redford's most acclaimed performances



J C Chandor


Neal Dodson


Robert Redford

Running time

106 minutes

Country / Nationality


All Is Lost is a 2013 survival drama film written and directed by J. C. Chandor, starring Robert Redford as a man lost at sea. Redford is the only cast member and was nominated for a Golden Globe as well as winning the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor. In the Indian Ocean, a man wakes to find water flooding his boat. He has collided with a wayward shipping container, ripping a hole in the hull. He uses a sea anchor to dislodge the container, then changes course to tilt the boat away from the hole. He patches the hole and uses the manual bilge pump to remove the water from the cabin. The boat's navigational and communications systems have been damaged by saltwater. The man tries to repair the marine radio and connects it to one of the boat's batteries. When he climbs the mast to repair an antenna lead, he sees an oncoming tropical storm. When the storm arrives he is thrown overboard and regains the deck after a struggle. The boat capsizes and most of the equipment is destroyed. With the boat sinking, the man abandons ship in an inflatable life raft, salvaging whatever he can to survive... Mark Daly and Michael Harding have been working together as Animat since 2005 and have established a national reputation in the UK for their unique live re-score events, performing at cinemas, festivals and other venues across the country with cult films including Dark Star (John Carpenter), Belleville Rendezvous (Sylvain Chomet), and The Straight Story (David Lynch). They have released albums on the Big Chill, Mareld and Disco Gecko labels, as well as appearing on numerous compilations. They have worked with guest vocalists including Sanchita Farruque, Anne Garner and Lisa Palmer, remixed tracks for Pitch Black, Banco de Gaia, Talk In Colour and Deep Dive Corp among others, and had music used in multimedia projects at Tate Britain and New York’s Leverhouse Gallery.