Journey through Europe with Irish climber David Fitzgerald as he takes on some of the continent's hardest boulder problems.



Joe O'Connor


Sam Walker


Ben Moon


Ben Moon

Running time

6 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

Our Judges say:

Local production company make a beautiful bolder film. For 6 minutes we are thrown into the world of a boulder and his mates at the top of there game.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

A calm and beautiful film piecing together overheard conversations of boulders on a snowy trip.

Anna Paxton

Bouldering. Why do people across the world dedicate their lives in pursuit of the sport? Following his documented 4th ever ascent of the 8B+ boulder problem 'Voyager Sit Start' in the Peak District, Moon Climbing athlete David Fitzgerald set his sights on Europe. Follow the journey as David takes on some of Europe's hardest boulders and explore the reasons why bouldering means so much to so many people.