Pitching stories: how to shape adventure stories

Join Jane Harries of Adventure She magazine, as she explores the importance of sharing stories and how to get your stories of adventure into print.



24 Mar '19 | 1:30pm


24 Mar '19 | 2:15pm

Join Jane Harries, founder and editor in chief of Adventure She magazine, to: 1. Pick up tips for your own adventure writing. 2. Explore how when bloggers work together, they can achieve so much more. 3. Remember the importance of sharing stories particularly of women adventurers, who have traditionally been underrepresented and often forgotten by the media. So, let's work together to ensure that in the future, more stories of all sorts of adventures are told, before they too become forgotten. If you miss this talk, we'll have an article on pitching for adventure magazines in our June issue of Adventure She magazine.