Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary

Follow world record marathon runner Fiona Oakes as she takes on the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon Des Sables.
Running for Good



Keegan Kuhn


Keegan Kuhn, James Cromwel

Running time

74 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom United States

Our Judges say:

A surprising, refreshing and unbelievable story, told beautifully.

Elise Wicker

This is one of the most stunningly put together films in the entire festival flagship for the adventurer activism side to SHAFF 2019

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Fiona is incredible. Humour, compassion, steely mental drive. Finding something more than 'because it's there'.

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

From Executive Producer James Cromwell and award-winning director Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What The Health) comes RUNNING FOR GOOD, the feature-length sports documentary narrated by Rich Roll (Finding Ultra), following world record marathon runner Fiona Oakes in her attempt not only to set a new global record in endurance racing, but to compete in the “toughest footrace on earth,” the Marathon Des Sables, a 250km race through the Sahara Desert. Fiona Oakes has made a name for herself as a unique endurance runner. She is the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents, and the north pole, in both cumulative and elapsed time. Fiona’s achievements are made even more astounding due to the fact that she was told at age 14 that she would never walk properly, let alone ever run. She would undergo more than 17 radical knee surgeries which ultimately led to having her entire right kneecap removed. The process was agonizing, the rehab worse, the records she’s gone on to set even more astounding. With overcoming her own adversity, Fiona’s true drive to achieve incredible feats of speed and human endurance are motivated by a deep desire to raise awareness for the plight of animals. Her achievements help fund a 450+ animal sanctuary that she takes care of every day.