A Mile With May

In a wheelbarrow full of tools, a few books, sunscreen and a bottle of water, sits May, a one year old. Her day wheels her around the block with intention of being distracted.



Beau Miles


Beau Miles and Mitch Drummond

Running time

11 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Uplifting dad and daughter bonding.

Jimmy Hyland

It's your favourite mad antipodean from "A Mile an Hour" doing home-based adventures, this time with added baby action. Enormously entertaining

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Such a true adventure Dude, and now with a sidekick!

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

May and I head off on a slow, tooled-up, distracted lap of the block- which happens to be a perfect mile. Seated within the wide, book and plum filled bucket of a wheelbarrow, May and I check on the trees from A Mile an Hour, do a few nice things for the neighbours (it’s Christmas!), whack weeds, pick up rubbish, pick up sticks, eat plums and generally have a good time. What you might think to be an episode of Beau teaching May is in fact very much a process of May teaching Beau- looking at the world closely, distracted, with immediacy- which is fast becoming his key ingredients of Backyard adventuring.

Sustainability Notes

If there is one thing a parent can give a child, it's practical, realife epereinces that can be copied. Teaching your child that weeds can be dug out, rubbish should be collected when you see it, and that horses are a great waste of money (joking) is what makes the parenting role the most powerful learning process known to humanity.