Black Trail Runners is a community and campaigning group that seeks to increase the inclusion, participation and representation of Black people in trail running.

Running in the outdoors should be for everyone, but although trail running culture imagines itself to be inclusive, it is effectively for the few. Black runners are under-represented in the culture of trail running, and lack a voice in its organisation and visibility in its media. Invisible barriers to access mean that Black people miss out on enjoying our outdoor spaces such as National Parks and National Trails, and are effectively excluded from the joy of the natural environment and the many physical and mental health benefits that it brings.

The British rural landscape is beautiful and belongs to us all. We want to share the joy we have found in exploring it through running and empower new communities to do the same. Black Trail Runners invite current, past and future trail runners to join us, to help develop the representation, promote the inclusion and increase participation of Black runners in trail running, ultrarunning and mountain running.

If you're interested to find out more about Black Trail Runners, co-founder Sonny Peart took part in our ShAFF Online talk series. In his interview with Ally Beaven Sonny talked about representation and inequalities within running, and discussed the reasons for starting and goals of Black Trail Runners.

Watch the talk on the ShAFF YouTube channel