Made In Sheffield 2021




Every year the Made In Sheffield session showcases the best new films shot in Sheffield and/or the Peak District, made by Sheffield-based filmmakers, or featuring local athletes. Sheffield is known as The Outdoor City, so it’s not surprising that many of this year’s films explore the relationship between people and the outdoor spaces they inhabit. We spoke to some of the filmmakers to find out what inspired them;

Lock Down Rock Up features Sheffield-based climber Jerome Mowat coping with the experience of being a medic during during the intense period of the first wave of the pandemic by escaping to climb. Director Nico Hambleton says, “We live in a very complicated world, lots of people, technology, information being thrown at us, and that can become overwhelming for even the toughest of individuals. Being outdoors strips everything away to such a basic and primitive level, distracting your mind to only the activity you are doing and the surroundings around you.”

Offering an insight into an almost extinct way of life, The Last English Poacher is Peak District-based production company Coldhouse’s first true independent documentary. Producer Emma Crome explains, “I was searching for different stories and perspectives on our connection to the land in Britain, and Brian's story seemed unusual yet so pertinent to the era we find ourselves living in. A connection to land and place is fundamentally important to our physical and mental wellbeing. It's hard to reconnect when land is so expensive and our rural economy is struggling. We are strangers in our own land and many of us see our countryside as playgrounds or holiday parks rather than truly understanding wildlife, healthy ecosystems, how to grow food etc... I'd like to see environmental and nature-based education in schools made compulsory.”

Filmmaker Frit Tam recently moved to Sheffield, and has two films in this category. “I set up Passionfruit Pictures because I wasn’t seeing myself, or a whole host of other underrepresented communities being healthily represented in an adventure environment. So I made Brave Enough with Jo, to advocate for women in their 50s and show that you’re never too old to have an adventure. Wanderlust Women is a little contribution towards the muslim hiking community. The bit of the film I really love shows Amira when she’s praying, showing that she integrates her faith into her outdoor pursuits, and how they seamlessly coexist. It’s really strengthened her bond to her faith and her bond to nature as well. She sees god in nature and she sees nature in god. I thought that was beautiful.”

The Made In Sheffield session is sponsored by Buffalo Systems. During the festival Buffalo have a photo-exhibition in the lightwell of the Showroom Cinema, and you can go along to their free Kit Repair Hacks For Extreme Adventures talk and learn how to make your gear go the distance!

Saturday 10 July 17:00 - Made In Sheffield film session

Sunday 11 July 13:00 - Kit Repair Hacks For Extreme Adventures