Journey of changing one’s opinion on certain things; change of mind
Credits: Moritz Ablinger / Mountain Tribe



Flo Gassner, Paul Schweller


Flo Gassner, Vali Werner-Tutschku

Running time

22 minutes

Country / Nationality


„metanoia“ – by Mountain Tribe Before exit restrictions and bans on contacts should dominate the news in March 2020, the Mountain Tribe Crew embarks on a ski touring adventure in the Ötztal Alps. An old customs hut on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, which is closed in winter, serves as accommodation. The pandemic situation is worsening faster than expected. The initially euphoric mood fades and an inner tension spreads among freeriders. After extensive contact with the valley, relatives and the police, the decision is made to end the film project early. However, the quarantined Ötztal and the applicable restrictions make it difficult to travel home. Title: metanoia Definition: Journey of changing one’s opinion on certain things; change of mind Director: Flo Gassner & Paul Schweller Producer: Flo Gassner & Vali Werner-Tutschku Camera: Paul Schweller Year of production: 2020 Riders: Flo Gassner, Vali Werner-Tutschku, Martin Kogler, Andi Jenewein Location: Ötztal, Tyrol, Austria Duration: 22‘

Sustainability Notes

We do not address sustainability in particular by the name. But the way this movie was produced, and which sponsors were picked to support it, shows that we care for sustainability. The movie is being shot somewhat 100km away from where most of us used to live. We did not have an advantage by using a helicopter or snowcat nor did we use any skilifts at all (except to get to the hut). We used our footpower!