ShAFF 2021 Online - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our 2021 Online Film Programme

Q - Why are we not showing the whole programme online?

A - Some filmmakers are unable to give us the rights to screen their films online as they have already signed agreements with other online platforms like Netflix and Amazon. We're pretty blown away that 78 of the 92 films are available for you to watch.

Q - How does the Online programme differ from the In-Cinema programme?

A - We've tried our best to keep the naming of the film sessions the same across the two streams of the programme. Sometimes the Online sessions are a little shorter than their In-Cinema counterparts as we've had to exclude a film or two as explained above.

Q - Does the money I pay go to the filmmakers?

A - We feel really strongly at ShAFF that it's important to respect our filmmakers. They are, after all, our life-force. Unlike many festivals which don't pass any of the income onto the filmmakers, we've pledged to pass on 50% after fees and a little marketing costs. 

Q - Why can we only Stream and not Download?

A - For starters we'd have to charge you significantly more money, but as much as anything, we're trying to remain true to being a film festival and not a video store. 

Q - I am only interested in watching a single film. Why do I need to pay more to watch a whole session of films?

A - The internet is full of amazing adventure films. We are not trying to compete with the likes of Youtube or Vimeo. What we channel our energy into is curation. We save you the effort of trawling through what's out there and pull the best of the bunch together into themed sessions, each of around 90 minutes. We think it's only fair enough that after we've done this hard work. you trust that we've done a good job and sit down to watch the session as it's been programmed. Besides, if we split the online offer into individual films it would become a pricing nightmare with some films 90 minutes long and others only a couple of minutes.

Q - How much are the films to rent?

The platform we are using uses American dollars as it's base currency so we've set the price of an individual session at $5 which should translate to around £3.60. There are 24 sessions, each around 90 mins long, made up of 78 films. We've created a Festival Pass, or Bundle, priced at $50 or about £36.

Q - How long to I have to watch them?

A - From the point at which you pay for your rental you have a 48 hour window to watch the films. Note that the overall widow will close at midnight on Aug 9th.

Q - I've rented the Film Festival Bundle and can't watch the whole programme in 48 hours, what do I do?

A - If you've rented the Bundle then we will have emailed you a promotional code which will override the 48 hour time limit.  Note that the widow will close at midnight on Aug 9th. If you don't receive an email from us with the code please get in touch.

Q - I want to watch with family or friends, do we all need to buy a ticket?

A - You only need to purchase one ticket per household. 

Q - Can I watch online if I am not in Sheffield / the UK?

A - Yes! All films in our online programme can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Please note that our live interactive virtual events are always listed on our website in British Summer Time. We also record our events, so if you can’t attend live, the recording can be viewed later in the ShAFF Youtube Channel.

Q - Do you offer any discounts?

A - Yes we do. We operate a Friends Of ShAFF scheme using Patreon. Sign up at any level and you will be sent a 10% discount code. Sign up as a Five Star Patron (£7.50 a month) and during July & August you will be given access to 2 ShAFF Online Sessions, and then for the rest of the year you will be given free access to our specially curated monthly online programmes. Sign up as an Access All Areas Patron and you will be given a free pass to the whole online (and in-cinema) festival. Lastly, if you are a member of the BMC you should have been sent a special 15% ShAFF discount code. Note that you can only apply one code per transaction. 

Q - What do I do if I have technical issues with the actual playback?

A - Unfortunately this is not something that we are likely to be able to help you with. You will need to engage with Reel House itself.

Q - I have a question that's not covered above. What do I do?

A - First of all check out the FAQ page on Reel House itself. If that fails just drop us a line. If it's on the weekend of the actual festival we may take a while longer to get back to you, but we will reply!

Q - I loved the films! Is there a way for me to donate to the VIMFF and the filmmakers?

A - That is awesome of you! Check out our page on the various ways you can support ShAFF and ultimately the filmmakers.