Valhalla, Rock Sly

Edu Marín dreams to conquer the largest roof in the world. The Arch of Getu (China) is the setting for a joys, cries, obstacles, adverse weather, friendship and climbing
Climbing the largest roof in the world


Running time

53 minutes

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Our Judges say:

I love these guys, their relationship with each other and the Chinese people supporting them. For me that was as strong a part of the film as the extraordinary challenge of the climbing. It gave the film a wonderful balance. Petzl and the other sponsors did a great thing supporting this adventure film without imposing on it at all. Another nice element of balance with this film.

Simon Taylor

A documentary film about the search for something unique in a remote and wild place, far from the big cities and the craziest progress. Edu Marín, his father Francisco "Novato" and his brother Álex, embark on an uncertain adventure, in which the probabilities of success are low but the reward can be enormous. The determination of the Marin to conquer the largest roof in the world is absolute and nothing and nobody can stop them. The great arch of Getu is the main setting for a story of joys, cries, unexpected obstacles, adverse weather, friendship and climbing.

Sustainability Notes

This film was produced and edited during covid-19 pandemia. So, we think carbon footprint was very low, because all dicussions, meetings and opinions beetween staff were done by phone calls and videoconferences. No travels, no physical meetings, no paper printing... that's good! but no hugs, no sharing beers in discussions... new times that we have to adapt