After the Storm

Husband and wife Andy and Aneela McKenna mountain bike their way through the Scottish islands reflecting on the changes racism has sparked in their lives.
Diversity pioneer Aneela McKenna



Andy McKenna, Andy McCandlish


Andy McKenna, Andy McCandlish


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Running time

25 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

After The Storm reveals the remarkable story of Scots Asian diversity pioneer Aneela McKenna who has tackled racism and discrimination in her own life with the help of mountain biking. It invites viewers and the cycling industry to open their hearts and minds to how racial discrimination feels and to be the best, most enriched version of themselves. A few years ago, Aneela McKenna was at breaking point. Embroiled in a racism grievance against her boss, her self-confidence, respect and belief had plummeted to an all-time low and she needed a timeout. Taking an extended career break, Aneela embarked on a solo mission on her trusty mountain bike in search of what she most needed to mend and renew herself. She turned to her favourite place in the world - the Outer Hebrides, the site of many happy memories of adventures with her husband Andy. In this film Aneela and Andy, revisit these remote Scottish islands and pedal their way through life’s ups and downs. Amid stunning scenery, the pair ride and reflect on the realities which drove her to this unspoilt landscape and the refreshed outlook and strength she returned home with. Moments of pain, frustration, triumph, laughter and defiance are uncovered on the beaches, in the waves, over a bothy fireside dram and amidst the mountains where their connection to Scotland and one another is strongest. After the Storm reveals how Aneela’s solo trip sparked changes in the couple’s lives and asks everyone involved in mountain biking to look in the mirror and face up to tough topics. This film is the next chapter in a story started with the highly-acclaimed 2017 film This Way Up by Andy McKenna and Andy McCandlish. Join the adventure to #rideoverracism and make mountain biking a more diverse and inclusive space. With thanks to: Special film guests, MTB stars and diversity champions Danny MacAskill, Eliot Jackson, Isla Short, Greg Minnaar, Nathan and Ruben de Vaux, StevePeat, Emma Neale, Phil Young, Jenni Gwiazdowski, Manon Carpenter, Lloyd Grose, Frit Tam, Kerry MacPhee, Jo Shwe and Rob Warner Project partners: this film could not have been made without the financial and moral support of Santa Cruz Bicycles, Shimano, Endura, Wilderness Trail Bikes and Hotlines Europe.

Sustainability Notes

The film's logistics were planned with sustainability firmly in view from start to finish, for example: a minimalist film crew of one and cast of two allowed us to create a low impact film; we consolidated filming locations to minimise our travel footprint; we consciously minimised vehicle use and maximised bicycle or public transport use where possible, and, all meetings and editing were undertaken virtually online.