Alaska Pipeline FKT

Is Alaskan Lael Wilcox faster than crude oil?
Is Alaskan Lael Wilcox faster than crude oil?



Rugile Kaladyte


Kimberley English

Running time

21 minutes

Our Judges say:

Good solid endurance cycling movie with beautiful Canadian landscape and a big heart.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

The mixture of industrial and wild landscapes makes for an unusual backdrop for an FKT film.

Simon Taylor

An uplifting all female production. Another amazing feat from Lael Wilcox in her understated style. Amazing feat and very articulate on such little sleep.

Hannah Maia

Four feet wide and carried five above the ground by a seemingly endless series of stanchions, the Alaska Pipeline is, for most of its 800-mile route, the only mark humanity has made on the pristine wilderness of this last frontier. The only mark, that is, except for the road that accompanies the pipeline on its long journey south from the Artic outpost of Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. For born and bred Alaskan Lael Wilcox, this lonely road has always held a special interest. In fact, she’s ridden most of it before. But this time she’s back with a new challenge to set a Fastest Known Time, or FKT, for the route and bring a new source of energy to the road. By pushing herself, she hopes to encourage other riders, wherever they live and however long they’ve been riding, to do the same. But this is a record attempt not a race, so Lael’s number one adjective is to have fun. All you have to do is show up with what you have, ride with all your heart and see how it goes. Oh, and you need to eat like it’s your job! Created by an all-female crew, tune into this latest episode of Rapha Gone Racing to find out how Lael got on in the Alaskan wilderness and whether the rumours that she is quicker than crude oil are actually true.