The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award


How did you first discover and fall in love with outdoor adventures?

In 2021 the John Muir Trust, a conservation charity dedicated to the experience, protection and repair of wild places joined us for the first time at ShAFF. Through the John Muir Award, the John Muir Trust inspires thousands of people every year of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. The nationally recognised Award encourages awareness and responsibility for our natural environment through fun, adventure and exploration.

For many young people, the Award is their first ever opportunity to spend time experiencing nature first-hand. Each year at least 25% of Awards are achieved by people encountering some form of disadvantage, such as financial deprivation, disability, unemployment and poor health.

Can you imagine not knowing or understanding the joy of being adventurous in the outdoors?

The Trust believes that social circumstances should not be a barrier to caring for our wild places, and delivers the John Muir Award for free. You can help keep it free and so inspire the next generation of adventurers to discover and fall in love with wild places for the first time. The more people connect with nature, the more they will be inspired to help us all care for and protect wild places.

“What amazed me most was how quickly the pupils became attached to their wild place, they became guardians of it, they would check on it after school, and they were visibly upset if there was evidence of antisocial behaviours. The unloved old graveyard turned into a loved greenspace.” Natalie White, East Ayrshire Council.

“Coming up here, in this environment – it cheers me up… it does! It’s something you’re going to get some self-worth out of. In addiction you find that you’ve zero self-worth.” Paul and Dave, Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community.

If you'd like to support disadvantaged people across the UK benefit from the John Muir Award, visit