Fragments Choisis

Elisabeth combines her career as a top sportswoman with her life as an activist. The activist meets the skier when she becomes world champion and decides to come out publicly



Peak Performance, Faction

Running time

13 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

If Jean-Paul Sartre made a short film about a champion skiers values and beliefs and values this would be it. Very much 'in the moment' production. Excellent.

Simon Taylor

Elisabeth combines her career as a top sportswoman with her life as a political science student. Politics is not something she practices only on the school benches, Elisabeth is an activist and her fights are as important to her as her sport. In the mountains, she is Elisabeth the skier, in the streets, she is Elisabeth the activist. She lives her two lives very separately and makes sure those two sides do not interfere with each other. Until the day she becomes world freeride champion. The activist then meets the sportswoman when Elisabeth decides to use her title and the attention around it to come out publicly. To Elisabeth's wish, this movie was made by a team of women (editor, translator, graphic designer, director, camerawoman...).

Sustainability Notes:

All the shooting made especially for the movie were done within 100km of Elisabeth's house.

We reused some footage that was already shot during previous shootings in order to avoid unnecessary travels.

But mainly, the topic of the movie is very much sustainable as it is about inclusion and gender equality, which falls under UN's sustainable development goal number 5.