Keep On Keeping On

Dreaming of Rampage
Johny Salido in Keep On Keeping On


Running time

19 minutes

Country / Nationality

Mexico, United States

Our Judges say:

Beautifully shot stunt MTB regret movie

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Risking all for MTB glory.

Simon Taylor

Director Statement :: Cristobal and Benjamín have worked as a team since the beginning of their careers, creating a smooth synergy, co-directing and co-photographing their most important projects. They are strong believers that the best things are done by people who are passionate about what they do. Thanks to their love for mountains and travel, they specialized in adventure sports, finding the real essence of adventure and their characters that transcend the first impression. Having lived in India, France, Australia, New Zealand and Holland, and with productions ranging from Patagonia to Alaska, Cristobal and Benjamin have been able to find what makes each location unique, and the stories worth telling from each place they go to. Their work focuses on the experience as the anchor point of any creative product and in the story as the narrative element that captivates the audience. Among other recognitions they have the BEST CLIMBING FILM in UMFF 2018 and overall winner in video category in Memorial Marialuisa 2017. In this case, Matt Heason contacted us that he saw the film on-line and told us he would like to consider it for this programme. We believe stories are tools every person seeks. We find inspiration and hope, in the athletes we work with. We work hard to put something unique in our films, something worth sharing.

Sustainability Notes:

Having our roots in the outdoor world, we are closely related to nature, not only in what we do, but also in what we care for. Being proud members of 1% for the Planet, we strongly believe that good part of our efforts should also go into making a better world, giving back to our planet so that we can preserve it for future generations.