Only in Toledo

Laughed at & ridiculed but kept on going strong. This is the story of DeShawn Willis and his mobile landscaping business!
A Black man stands astride a bicycle which has a lawnmower attached to the back of it


Running time

3 minutes

Country / Nationality

United States

Our Judges say:

follow your dream

Jimmy Hyland

DeShawn very elegantly tells it like it is to be a black man in America.

Simon Taylor

A just about perfect short film about a Toledo gardener cycling between jobs. Superb

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

When Deshawn's truck broke down, he had to find a way to get around to please his clients. While some would call his solution creative, others would consider it ghetto. But for Deshawn it didn't matter. He had a landscape business to maintain and a family to feed. This is the story of a man that did not let his circumstances stop him.