A Short Film About Cycling. If he isn't riding bikes he is fixing bikes.



Henry Smith


Chris Russell

Running time

8 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Delightful and fascinating portrait of an Australian bike repair shop and its wonderful owner. Remarkably emotional and charming. Lovely subtle soundtrack too. A must-watch.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

"Just ride your bike. Don't romance the idea. Ride". Nicely shot philosophical view of all things bike.

Simon Taylor

Passionate and quirky bike mechanic, Ian Downing, works on bikes of all types, from basic entry-level to high-end performance. Ian has been riding bikes and working on them since the 1970s, and his passion for bikes only continues to grow. He has focused all of his passion and experience into a unique bicycle repair shop set to become a local institution, a legacy where people connect over a shared zest for bikes.

Sustainability Notes:

The film has a minimal carbon footprint. Filming and editing was all done locally in Tumut so the footprint of travel is minimal. The film encourages cycling which is a sustainable alternative to vehicle transport.