A young, innovative human named CURIOUS, discovers fire. She is fascinated with it until a violent male, named BRUTE, takes the flames for their own.



Felix Iris


Harrison Foot, Nikki Brooks


University of the West of England

Running time

3 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Terrific creative short on the palaeolithic roots of adventure. Looks great - and it was filmed in a cave up a mountain in Wales - and a very nice original sound track.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

We made this film because fire is a core element of the human experience. There is great juxtaposition in fire. It represents innovation, safety and warmth but also violence and destruction. We wanted to anthropomorphise these two aspects through the characters CURIOUS and BRUTE. We made this film now because it speaks on themes that are prevalent in people’s minds today. People are becoming aware of the world’s finitism, and to see the first fire that started our current desecration of the planet, we think, will provoke people. If the fire, us, must burn forever, then so shall everything. SAPIEN, along with a docket of two other shorts, was made by south-west based production house, 'Ember Productions'. Our ethos is to continue to tell stories representing the relationship humanity shares with nature through fiction and documentary. SAPIEN was written and directed by Sheffield raised Felix Iris.

Sustainability Notes:

Ember Productions takes pride in our natural world and want to cause no harm to it. When making all our productions we adhere strictly to the South West Screen Green Filmmaking Guidelines, and as graduating filmmaking students we are all in the Albert training scheme, which is essential when you shoot on and want to preserve great locations for the future. SAPIEN was filmed in the beautiful Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales and so we have donated to the Albert Sustainable Production Certification to offset our carbon footprint from the several trips taken up to North Wales.