The Trailer Has Landed!

The ShAFF 2023 Trailer Has Landed!



Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has released the 2023 trailer, giving a first look at this year’s films. Created using a montage of images from this year’s festival films, the trailer is made by Hannah Maia, Director of Maia Media. Now a multi-award winning filmmaker Hannah first entered her films into ShAFF in 2010, winning a prize for new and up-and-coming filmmakers. This year ShAFF will screen Hannah's brand new film Chilly Dipper.

Hannah says, "I’m really happy to see so many women both in front and behind camera this year, it feels balanced. And the level of story telling is through the roof. We don’t just get to ogle beautiful adventures, we get to sit back and fully immerse into all of it. When you’ve got such great story telling you don’t have to share an interest in the particular sport or adventure as such, the film is just an interesting and engaging window into someone’s life or a place in the world - and that means there’s more films for us all to enjoy."

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Featured films (in order of appearance): Friends of the Grit, Letters from Jeju, Only in Toledo, Originate Symbiosis, Originate Unknown, Punta Giradili, Raw, Reel Rock Bridge Boys, Risk is Reward, Sheri, Chilly Dipper, The Deborah Effect, The Ice Mile, The Farm Under the City, The Last Storm, The Nine Wheels, To the Hills And Back, A Land for Everyone, Art of Grind, A Baffin Vacation, Balkan Express, Cerro Abajo Valpariso, Chinese Laundry, Creation Theory, Bluetits, Free to Run, British Bouldering.

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