Trash Free Trails

Protecting our trails and the wild places they take us.


WE EXIST TO PROTECT OUR TRAILS AND THE WILD PLACES THEY TAKE US...AND WE'RE STARTING WITH LITTER! Trash Free Trails is a non-profit organisation. With your help, we aim to reduce the amount of litter on the UK's mountain bike and running trails by 75% by 2025. We'll do this by informing and empowering riders, motivating and supporting community action and campaigning for industry engagement and innovation. WHY? As mountain bikers we venture further, faster and more frequently into our wild places than many and we can no longer ignore what we are seeing. From urban bike parks to remote highland summits there is now no escape from plastic pollution. Scores of single use plastic bottles, energy gel packs, confectionary wrappers, on the go food containers, dog poo bags and bicycle inner tubes litter almost litter every mile of the UK's trails. This plastic plague is devastating our environment and the time has come for us to protect what we love. HOW? By combining tenacity with talent. The TFT management team of Dom, Ben and Ellie have a proven track record of delivering high impact environmental protection and engagement projects at leading charities like Surfers Against Sewage. Our international Ambassador Team (A-TEAM) of over 20 highly committed, permanent volunteers are active at trails across the UK and World. Our R.A.D program provides innovative, inclusive and achievable solutions to the litter problem on our trails and the addiction to single use plastic that feeds it. R.A.D is; R - Fostering and celebrating RIDER RESPONSIBILITY & ROLE MODELLING A - Creating and supporting AWARENESS & ACTION D - Working with industry and government to DESIGN & DEVELOP more sustainable products, practices and events. HOW CAN I HELP? The great thing about tackling litter is that it's pretty simple to make difference. Hundreds of thousands of us ride bikes every week. If we all start small and make a personal pledge to grab a few pieces of plastic trash whenever we ride, think how much cleaner our trails will be! The next step is to tell your stories, by tagging @trashfreetrails in every time you do a #minitrailclean you are adding your voice to an ever growing community of people who are stepping up to protect, promote and enhance their trails and wild places. We hope that this is simply the beginning of your journey as part of the Trash Free Trails family but, whatever you decide, never underestimate the power of small, positive actions taken together. Yewwwwwwwwww! #TRASHFREETRAILS.