Annapurna III – Unclimbed

Annapurna III – Unclimbed” is a 12-min documentary featuring the 2016 expedition to the Himalayas of Nepal led by David Lama together with Austrian alpinists Hansjörg Auer and Alex Blümel.
David Lama takes a photo of his partners Hansjörg Auer and Alex Blümel, high up on the unclimbed SE-ridge of Annapurna III.



Jochen Schmoll


Red Bull Athletes Special Projects (ASP) Production, Florian Klingler, Robert Trenkwalder


David Lama, Hansjörg Auer, Alex Blümel

Running time

13 minutes

Back in 2003, Alpinist magazine published an article titled UNCLIMBED – a 'to do list' of nine great unsolved puzzles of exploratory alpinism in the Himalayas. The opening spread pictures the long sought-after South East ridge of Annapurna III (7555m). In spring of 2016, Austrian alpinists David Lama, Hansjörg Auer and Alex Blümel team up for an attempt. Despite other climbers that had made their way to basecamp below the stunning line, the three Austrians become the first to take on the challenge of a real attempt since the British climbers Nick Colten and Tim Leach in 1981. “It is a well-known fact that mountains appear bigger from below than they look on photos, but we felt very tiny below Annapurna III.” David Lama described his feeling. While on their first day into the climb good weather and conditions allowed them to make fast progress, precipitation kicked in from then on. “It was on the second day into the climb that we experienced how demanding this route is. The conditions for climbing were horrible, it started snowing with heavy winds already before noon.” Auer described. Join David, Hansjörg and Alex in their feelings of fatigue, anxiety, exposure and ordeal during their attempt on the line which defines Annapurna III, which still is one of the world’s greatest, unsolved puzzles of alpinism.

Note that this film will screen as part of the BMC Climb Night.