La Liste

In his search to become a better freerider, Jérémie compiles a list of the most interesting peaks in the Alps which he wants to ski.



Samuel Anthamatten


Red Bull

Running time

44 minutes

Country / Nationality

Switzerland, France

Our Judges say:

Film for anyone who likes adventure mountains half a heart will enjoy this film I look into steep skiing through generations.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Jérémie is a freeride Skier, one of the best. He is widely regarded as the fastest freerider in the sport today. No one attacks a line quite like Jeremy. He has created a 'to do' list, of peaks he wants to ride. We follow Jérémie throughout the steep skiing season as he tries to achieve his goals. But most of these descents are 'extreme'. There is a very small group of skiers and snowboarders in the world who are now approaching these 'extreme' descents in a 'freeride' way. In this film he will ride with some of them and discover himself where the fine line between freeride and what is now considered 'extreme' lies.

Jérémie also has a deep appreciation for the history of the sport. In order to better himself as an athlete he seeks out the legends of the sport. The pioneers who opened some of these lines. There are only a few of these select skiers alive today who to whom he can turn to and ask advice when preparing his list. The film sees Jeremy seek out these legends in order to help him expand his knowledge of steep riding and deepen his appreciation of his sport and the legacy he is following. This film shows incredible freeriding and sees Jérémie question his approach to skiing and test his ability to finish the list.