Outdoorista - Inspiring outdoor women

Anna Paxton, Founder & Editor of Outdoorista created the site to share sources of inspiration for outdoor women...


Anna is a mountain runner, climber, adventure journalist and film producer, most recently producing Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds, a six part series for Channel 4 with Salt Street Productions. 

Sheffield born and bred, Anna is always inspired by Sheffield's outdoor community and says "For as long as I've been climbing and running, I've always been excited when ShAFF comes around. It's a place for our amazing outdoor community to come together and share inspiration and a few beers." 

Through her work she seeks to shine a light on the incredible stories and female role models in the outdoor world. These can be found on her website, Outdoorista. Anna works as sponsor and ambassador liaison for ShAFF, and this year joins the team of judges for the first time.