Free Fringe Talk - Chris Dean - Moors for the Future Partnership

The adventure of bringing the most degraded upland landscape in Europe back to life



10 Mar '18 | 1:00pm


10 Mar '18 | 1:30pm

Whether its walking, climbing, mountain biking, photographing, paragliding or any other outdoor adventures that you enjoy in the Peak District, chances are you might have noticed a little bit of a green revolution across the tops over the last 15 years. 

The Moors for the Future Partnership has been working since 2003 to turn the degraded moorlands of iconic Kinder Scout, Black Hill and Bleaklow green and full of lush life once again. These treasured moors – and many others across the Peak District and South Pennines – were left in a bad way because of wild fires, and historic pollution from nearby cities including Sheffield. 

The partnership is made up of a number of organisations, lead by the Peak District National Park Authority, all with the joint focus of making the moors green again for both animals and us. 

Healthy moors benefit everyone because they’re a special home to unique wildlife, provide us with our drinking water and help to tackle climate change by storing carbon. Come and find out ‘moor’ about the incredible work, from Partnership Manager, Chris Dean – who’ll explain the past and future challenges we all face to ensure these vast, beloved landscapes are taken care of for generations to come.