We work incredibly hard at ShAFF to make sure that we have the best selection of adventure films we possibly can.

We announce the winners ahead of the festival to allow the audience to make sure they see the best films of the year and decide whether they agree with our judges.

Awards - We have a panel of judges who view all films screened at ShAFF and declare winners and runners up in each of the following categories:

    Best Film - All films are automatically eligible.

    UIAA Best Climbing Film - Climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, indoor climbing - all types of climbing

    Best Bike Film - Road, Mountain, Bike Packing, BMX - all types of biking

    Best Running Film - Running, racing, jogging, orienteering - all types of running

    Best Ski & Board Film - Skiing, boarding, back country - all types of snow sports

    Best Spirit Of Adventure Film - The essence of what ShAFF is about: stepping way outside of the usual comfort zones, being out there on a limb, totally committed.

    Best Artistic Film - To recognise cinematic creativity.

    Best Short Film - All films under 10 minutes long automatically considered

    Best Soundtrack - To recognise the best overall sound experience in a film.

    Best Women In Adventure Film - To recognise the best film made by or featuring women in a lead role.

    Best Film Made In Sheffield - To recognise the growing talent of The Outdoor City.

    Street Food Chef People's Choice as voted by Boom Beam

Either £100 will be awarded to the winning film in each category, with £200 to the Best Film winner.

There is also a Judges Special Prize

Details on film submission are available here

You can see which films won awards in previous years in our archive.