We work incredibly hard at ShAFF to make sure that we have the best selection of adventure films we possibly can.

We announce the winners ahead of the festival to allow the audience to make sure they see the best films of the year and decide whether they agree with our judges.

You can see which films won awards in previous years in our archive.

Best Film

Our Grand Prize

Best Adrenaline Film

This can be skiing, boarding, surfing, base jumping, kayaking, or pretty much anything that gets your adrenaline going.

Best Artistic Film

To recognise cinematic creativity.

Best Bike Film - sponsored by Ofo Bikes

Sponsored by ofo dockless bike sharing

Road, Mountain, Bike Packing, BMX - all types of biking.

Best Climbing Film - sponsored by Moon

Climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, indoor climbing - all types of climbing. Always a strong genre!

Best Made in Sheffield Film - sponsored by Beta Climbing Designs

First awarded in 2015 to reflect the increasing quality and quantity of films being made in and around Sheffield and/or featuring local athletes.

Best Running Film - sponsored by Ultimate Direction

Running, racing, jogging, orienteering - all types of running

Best Short Film

All films under 10 minutes long automatically considered

Best Soundtrack

A relatively new award created in 2015, judged by Sheffield DJ and producer Paul Hodgson, aka Grievous Angel to recognise the best overall sound experience in a film.

Best Spirit of Adventure Film

The essence of what ShAFF is about: stepping way outside of the usual comfort zones, being out there on a limb, totally committed.

Best Women In Adventure Film

Created in 2015 to reflect our drive to encourage more female producers, directors and featured athletes on the big screen.

Judges' Special Mention

For films which deserve singling out, despite not winning an award

People's Choice Award - sponsored by The Street Food Chef

Launched at ShAFF 2015, powered by BoomBeam, our interactive, live voting system allows the audience to have their say on which films they loved the most.